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CompTIAWelcome to Flat Rate Computer Guy... Serving the San Tan Valley, AZ Area.

My Name is Benjamin Beckwith, I have been building, repairing and upgrading PC's for over 20 years. I am certified by the world's most known Computer Technician certifier, CompTIA. I offer the cheapest, fastest, best service in the San Tan Valley, AZ area. Unlike the "Big Guys," all my services are one FLAT RATE $75. I will never charge more, and never nickel and dime you! Your charge for labor, no matter how much I do to your computer, or what it takes to fix and/or upgrade your computer will always be just $75! Parts are charged at my cost, with no mark-up, and I provide prompt and reliable service, often with next day return.
In today's world of computer technology, individuals and companies depend on fast reliable services.

Operationg SystemsComputers have so many variables, hardware, software, and network, often times its very difficult to know what is even causing the problem with your system, let alone fix it. When you take into account how much you depend on computers in your home and business, it's often a real emergency when your computers don't work.

Companies have their own "computer guys". Now, you can too! When you need someone as problems occur - or on a regular basis - I'm here to help. Networking problems? Server problems? Printing issues? Nasty virus and spyware slowing you down? Backup not working - or not sure if it is? I'm the one to contact for all of your computer needs.


Does your PC take ages to start up, process information or run programs? The reason for this is that your Windows registry gets disorganized as you install and uninstall software, add or remove hardware, or change your computer’s settings. Inevitably you will end up with a frustratingly slow system.

Microsoft Certified CEH Certified

CompTIA certifications for computer repair, computer network, computer security

Network Certified

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Smooth Computer Sailing from here on out... Call me now at 773-2-FIX-PCS (773-234-9727).
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